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with innovative promotion management in the
publishing, entertainment, and business sectors
while recognizing the diverse nature of today’s social environment and
working within the boundaries of human rights and ethical standards.

Welcome to Bad Cat Promotions!

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Watch your ideas come alive…

Have you’ve written the next great novel or do you want to make a blockbuster film?  

Maybe you have a fantastic new product that will change lives, or perhaps you want to support an important cause with a fundraising event.  

No matter what your vision is, we support you from start to finish with everything you need to achieve your goals.

We invest in you…

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Our dynamic team brings a combined total of over 80 years of industry experience and 25 years of higher education together to cover virtually everything you can dream of for your project.

  • Robin Tippett MBA – Strategy and Business Advisor
  • Tamara Hill – Creative Director
  • W.J. Hall – Media Director
  • Trevor Hill – Senior Consultant

Bad Cat is experience, ambition, wisdom and education, forming a unique business philosophy that outperforms expectations.  It is a fusion of innovative minds of individuals who want to help others with their visions, dreams and ideas.

Call or text us and
find out how we can help you!


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Bad Cat Promotions

Call/Text:  343.989.1858
Location:  Kingston, ON


For information about the following projects please email:
– Rattan Mann Films – The Buddhist Monk:
– The “Post Horror” Project:
– Francis Odupute – CAIB (Cartoon Africa International Biennial):



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